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Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis hires talented, self-motivated, and accomplished individuals to assist the firm’s attorneys in their work. Legal analysts are valued as colleagues who share in the firm’s commitment to excellence – and are compensated accordingly. In addition to competitive salary, benefits, and overtime compensation, legal analysts receive a share of the firm’s profits each fiscal quarter.  As far as we know, this arrangement (which also covers associate attorneys and other firm employees) is unique among Washington D.C. law firms.

Our legal analysts perform a wide array of tasks. Examples include: (1) cite-checking and editing legal briefs and memoranda; (2) preparing periodic reports on regulatory developments that affect leading high-tech companies; (3) researching legal issues and performing due diligence under the supervision of our attorneys; (4) document production and review in ongoing litigation; (5) filing documents with the Federal Communications Commission and in federal and state courts; (6) monitoring developments in ongoing legal proceedings; and (7) word-processing, attorney scheduling, and other traditional legal office assignments. Though performing these duties at times requires great effort and dedication, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis is also firmly committed to ensuring that employees have a full life outside the firm. As such, we expect that legal analysts will work nights and weekends only in extreme circumstances, and far less frequently than is common at the area’s large law firms.

In part because of the breadth of assignments that legal analysts are asked to perform, we do not require or prefer any particular undergraduate major.  Instead, the basic requirements include first-rate writing skills, a record of significant academic achievement, and facility with word-processing and other office software. Even more important are a willingness to be attentive to detail and a strong commitment to flexibility and getting the job done.

Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis’ legal analysts come from a range of backgrounds. Most are recent college graduates with outstanding academic records seeking work experience before moving on to other professions. At the conclusion of their two years at the firm, many of our legal analysts go on to attend national law schools and other graduate programs. We carefully review applications regardless of the applicant’s future plans, and naturally, we are an equal opportunity employer.

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Robert Simkins
Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP
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