Coach for College Summer Internship

Student-athletes in this international service learning program, team up with Vietnamese college students to teach and mentor disadvantaged kids in summer camps organized in rural Vietnam.  Each participant works in small teams to co-lead one academic subject, one sport, and life skills lessons.  During the three week camp, student-athletes meet each evening in small groups virtually, with their American and Vietnamese teammates, to discuss creative ways to make the provided lesson plan for the next day come alive and be engaging for the kids.  The Americans and Vietnamese will also take part in daily cultural exchange activities, with the goal of getting to know each other and each other’s culture in fun ways (e.g. sharing about one another’s national holiday traditions, being taught to cook a Vietnamese dish, a Vietnam and USA trivia night, going on a virtual tour of each other’s neighborhood, etc.).  Americans will also create video clips to be shown in class to the kids (e.g. explaining an academic concept, demonstrating proper sports technique, performing an experiment, and sharing an experience from their lives to illustrate a lesson’s life skills topic).  The program’s focus is making a real difference in the academic success of the kids, and in their lives more broadly.  Through their service, the college students gain international service experience, and greatly enhance their practical cross-cultural skills in a real world environment.

For an overview of this year's program, see here. 

Camps will be held at the following dates, preceded by some activities the week prior, for orientation, teammate introductions, and to begin preparing teaching videos for week 1:

May 30th – June 18th

June 27th – July 16th

July 25th – August 13th

‚ú®Note: OCS funding is available for this virtual opportunity! 

Deadline EXTENDED to 11:59:00 ET on March 11. See OCS website for details and application instructions. 
Questions? Email Seth Napier at  For more info on Coach for College, you can visit their website. 

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