Harvard Soccer 2020 Virtual Reunion
November 6th - 7th


Friday, Nov. 6th | 8 PM ET - Fireside Chat with Midge Purce '17


Saturday, Nov. 7th | 12 PM ET - Harvard Soccer Town Hall

Updates from the Coaches, Players & FoHS Co-Chairs

Alumni Class Reunions


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*Please note, this meeting information is for both the Friday and Saturday events.


Meeting ID: 474 856 7770

Password: Hambo


Joining by telephone? (use any number to dial in)

    +1 312 626 6799

    +1 929 436 2866

    +1 346 248 7799

    +1 669 900 6833

    +1 253 215 8782

    +1 301 715 8592

International numbers available: https://harvard.zoom.us/u/amrjJzuiX


We look forward to seeing everyone!

Go Crimson!

Weekend Schedule of Events


Friday, November 6th

8 PM ET | Fireside Chat with Midge Purce '17


Saturday, November 7th 

12 PM ET | Harvard Soccer Town Hall




8:00PM Fri 6 Nov 2020 ( Timezone: Eastern )



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Look Who's Coming:

Brett Conrad
Guest of Brett Conrad
James Ferguson
Guest of James Ferguson
Forrest Gould
Guest of Forrest Gould
Meghan Tveit
Guest of Meghan Tveit
Karen Fifer Ferry
Guest of Karen Fifer Ferry
Robert Millock
Elizabeth Weisman
Guest of Elizabeth Weisman
Katherine Sheeleigh
Guest of Katherine Sheeleigh
Arthur Ayrault
Guest of Arthur Ayrault
Jennifer Downing
Brooke Dickens
Peyton Johnson
Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu
Guest of Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu
Karly Zlatic
Guest of Karly Zlatic
Joan Whelan
Guest of Joan Whelan
Taryn Kurcz
Guest of Taryn Kurcz
Guest of Taryn Kurcz
Erin West
Guest of Erin West
Elizabeth Durack
Leonard Ilkhanoff
Christina Hagner VandenBerg
J. Tomford
Guest of J. Tomford
Andrew Dale
Guest of Andrew Dale
Michael Innocenzi
Guest of Michael Innocenzi
Mitchell Dong
Guest of Mitchell Dong
Andre Akpan
Guest of Andre Akpan
Susie Petruccelli
Guest of Susie Petruccelli
Pepper Brill
Tracy Curzan
Gina Wideroff
Guest of Gina Wideroff
Danielle Etzel
Guest of Danielle Etzel
Christopher Welch
Guest of Christopher Welch
Desmond Mitchell
Guest of Desmond Mitchell
Melissa Crandall
Guest of Melissa Crandall
James Quagliaroli
Guest of James Quagliaroli
Katie Kuzma
Andrea Montalbano
Guest of Andrea Montalbano
Jennifer Burney
Guest of Jennifer Burney
Luke Sager
Guest of Luke Sager
Andrew Goldfarb
Ross Friedman
Guest of Ross Friedman
William Meyers
Guest of William Meyers
Guest of William Meyers
Guest of William Meyers
John Shue
Guest of John Shue
Nicholas Gates
Alexander Chi
Margaret Casscells-Hamby
Guest of Margaret Casscells-Ha
Nicole Rhodes
Guest of Nicole Rhodes
Mai Le
Jessica Wright
Guest of Jessica Wright
Ramesh Rajballie
Guest of Ramesh Rajballie
Kristina Garrido
Lee Williams
Guest of Lee Williams
Ashley Marynick Williams
Guest of Ashley Marynick Willi
Zack Wolfenzon
Guest of Zack Wolfenzon
Marcelo Rocha
Eduardo Cedeno
Guest of Eduardo Cedeno
Mark Howansky
Guest of Mark Howansky
Jaime Chu
MaryAnne Gucciardi
Guest of MaryAnne Gucciardi
Joshua Lahre
Michael Giammanco
Rick Le
Ted Wendell
Ellen Jakovic
Guest of Ellen Jakovic
Justin Crichlow
Brooke Roberts
Guest of Brooke Roberts
Charles Altchek
Guest of Charles Altchek
Andrew Foose
Taner Dogan
Tim Schmoll
Eric Gylling
Guest of Eric Gylling
Stacey Warwick
Katherine Hess
Guest of Katherine Hess
Elizabeth Wald
Guest of Elizabeth Wald
Tara Blanchard
Ann Kletz
Melanie Takehara
Guest of Melanie Takehara
Melanie Takehara
Lee Sossen
Kristen Burke
Guest of Kristen Burke
Zachary Chandis
Guest of Zachary Chandis
Gina Foster
Guest of Gina Foster
Guest of JOSE RUIX
Erin Wylie Gilmore
Guest of Erin Gilmore
Erin Wylie Gilmore
Katie Hodel
Campbell Dopke
Guest of Campbell Dopke
Michelle Hyncik
Guest of Michelle Hyncik
Brian Enge
Guest of Brian Enge
Zayne Matulis-Thomajan
... a total of 159 guests.
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