Summer Intern (multiple positions)

KAATSU Global, Inc.

Company: KAATSU Global, Inc.

Corporate History: Established in 2014, KAATSU Global is the originator and market leader in Blood Flow Restriction training and rehabilitation, an innovative means to improve athletic performance and reduce rehabilitation time from muscle, bone, ligament and tendon injuries.  KAATSU equipment and protocols are sold and distributed to 42 countries, used by most teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, the DOD and VA, and over 70 universities (from West Point to UC San Diego).  A majority of its users are Baby Boomers, ages 50-80.

Location: Huntington Beach (Orange County), Southern California

Paid Internships: Available in 3 areas: 
(1) New Product Development
(2) Sales Support
(3) Marketing

Work Schedule: 5 days per week, hours are flexible

(1) New product development will focus on the next-generation KAATSU Wearables and KAATSU AI product that will include firmware, database and software development
(2) Sales Support will focus on supporting distributors and educating field sales staff and physical therapists on best practices
(3) Marketing will focus on supporting sales on the Amazon platform and reaching consumers via podcast, digital magazines, blog and social media platforms.

Supervisor: Steven Munatones, CEO & Co-founder, Class of 1984 (Eliot House)

Compensation: Negotiable, dependent upon experience

Contact: Steven Munatones,, +1-714-305-7374

More Information:,

Posted 2.4.20