Harvard Ambassador

StarRight Education 

Purpose: To share the experiences with Chinese students regarding the successful application for Harvard College. To interact with the Chinese students who have the goal to go to Harvard University.


About the program: 

This program is held annually for 3 years, benefiting 26,000 Chinese students. This program aims to help Chinese students enrich their global vision and establish global responsibilities. By participating this program, the Chinese students can also improve their English skills by interacting with Harvard students.

Furthermore, this program is not just for the students in big cities in China. In fact, we also go to rural cities in China where the students who were born poor can also have the chance to broaden their views and have their approach to listen to the lectures from Harvard students. We want to help all the students who have the limited education resources to succeed as much as possible. Meanwhile, performing speeches for the audience who don’t speak the same language fluently and don’t share the same culture background is a big challenge.

Harvard students who are enrolled in this program can get the best opportunity to practice public speaking experience under international background multiple times. Another big benefit for this program is travelling experience. Exploring real China through visiting all different cities including cosmopolitan cities and remote small cities is meaningful for college students who want to further comprehend their deep insights of Chinese culture, Chinese education, and Chinese economy.

The Harvard students  who participate in this program generally need to perform activities including but not limited to as follows:

  • Delivering speeches
  • Planning and instructing workshop activities
  • Model UN activities

Generally, the participants will travel to 20 different schools and conduct 2 hours-long speeches, half-day long Model UN, or one day long workshop activities in each school. Sample schedule can be found here


  • Current Harvard College Students
  • Excellent in Public Speaking
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Interested in Chinese culture

All the travel expense will be covered, including flights, lodging, and meals, plus a stipend of $500 per week.

One week from 11/21 to 11/25

Two weeks from 12/21-1/27

For more information and/or to apply, please send email : Shuli Tao at Shuli.tao798@hotmail.com 

Posted 10.28.19