Summer Internship  | F35

F35 is a startup company based in Berlin. We are looking for summer interns to help us to scale up our operations.

At F35, we improve interpersonal relationships between coworkers, so that people get a sense of meaning and connection from what they do with 35% of their waking lives. This also happens to produce an excellent business case for companies (decreased churn rates, more engaged workforces).

We believe that we’re all different, and that we need to tailor our interactions with each other to properly respect these differences. At the moment, we’re producing these personality cards for teams (mine is pictured), and provide workshops on how to use them. The idea is that you get a “deck” of cards for each of your colleagues, and you can use it as a tool to understand each other better. 

The cards have attracted significant interest so far, our workshops have been selling like hot cakes, and we are currently in the process of scaling this up to a fully-fledged HR platform, where we will integrate this data into common HR processes (recruiting, onboarding, employee feedback, etc).

We are looking for smart, driven, and highly ambitious interns to help us with the next stage of our journey. We will provide full room and board (we cook as a group, and you’ll sleep in our living room), and will help you guys to kickstart your career early with an awesome training program, with lots of exposure to all three of the founders. You’ll also get to enjoy the lush summer of the world capital of techno, and you’ll participate in a tonne of awesome events that we’ll be putting on.

If this sounds interesting to you, then send Adam Janes '16 an email at, introducing yourself, and explaining what excited you about this opportunity. You’ll be asked to take our tailor-made personality test to assess what kind of role you’ll be best suited to, and if it seems like you’d be a good fit, you can start as early as next month.


Posted 4.30.19