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Private Equity Advisory

Company Overview

Investor Group Services (IGS) is a boutique advisory firm that works with private equity firms, strategic

acquirers and their portfolio companies across North America and overseas. We help our clients assess

investment opportunities across most major sectors by providing them with the data-driven insights and

analysis they need to make investments in middle market companies and industries.

IGS supports clients throughout their investment life cycle from fund raising to investment realization – the

work is a perfect mix between consulting and finance. For example, in situations where a client has an

interest in a particular industry, we perform an Industry Assessment to determine the strategic

attractiveness of the market relative to the client's investment criteria (i.e. growth opportunities, market

consolidation). When a client has identified a target company for investment, we conduct Market Due

Diligence to advise on critical investment assumptions regarding the target company, its industry,

competitors and position within the industry. In an effort to assist management teams of private equity

portfolio companies and corporations, we conduct Strategy Reviews to evaluate new business

opportunities, help refine business goals, and generate insight into market dynamics affecting the


As an Associate, you will be a part of a collegial and entrepreneurial environment. Our work is fast-paced

and provides opportunities for rapid skill and knowledge development. Associates gain experience across

a broad set of industries and take on high levels of responsibility in the work and client presentations.

“I have gained strong problem solving and analytical skills at IGS, and learned so much in a short amount

time. It has been great working with such a smart group of people that are also interested in my

development and success.” – IGS Associate

Job Responsibilities

Candidates should be interested in:

  • Assessing investment opportunities for private equity firms
  • Evaluating corporate strategies and growth opportunities
  • Learning how to assess markets with limited analyst coverage via:
    • Secondary research (evaluating financial statements, analyst reports,
    • trade journals and Internet resources)
    • Primary research (interviewing industry experts and decision makers)
    • Projection of market size, structure, segmentation and growth
    • Synthesis of quantitative and qualitative results to be presented to clients
  • Assuming a high level of responsibility
  • Working in a dynamic, team-oriented environment
  • Working and living in Boston. IGS consultants rarely travel.

Job Qualifications

IGS is looking for Associates who demonstrate:

  • Interest in gaining in-depth understanding of a wide variety of industries
  • Able to learn quickly, are self-starters and hands-on contributors
  • Can think creativity and show persistence in looking for information
  • Strong Excel, Word and PowerPoint skills
  • Outstanding communication skills

Questions? Reach out to Vivian Phelan at

Posted 3.15.19