Translational Research Intern Position at the Harris Orthopaedics Laboratory

General Overview
The pioneering efforts of the Harris Orthopaedics Laboratory (HOL) have positively impacted the
quality of life of many millions of patients through innovation and evidence-based medicine since its inception in 1969. The
mission of the laboratory is to improve patient outcomes through materials science and clinical research in orthopaedics.
A ten-week Research Intern position with a stipend is available from June to August 2018. The internship will include an
introduction into material formulation and testing of drug delivery devices in orthopaedic applications such as joint arthroplasty,
trauma and spine. Interns will have the opportunity to be exposed to the translational research environment through interaction
with other members of the Harris Laboratory and gain insight into design of medical devices, pre-clinical testing of safety and
efficacy and clinical follow-up research of implanted materials. Upon successful completion of the internship, the intern may
be considered for the full-time research technologist position that is planned for June 2019.

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Posted 3.21.18