On behalf of McKinsey & Company, we would like to invite you to attend a Student-Athlete Reception being held Thursday, September 7th, from 7:00-8:00pm in the Murr Lounge. McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm with over 100 offices all around the world. Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.  

At our networking event, you'll have the opportunity to meet other student athletes as well as McKinsey consultants who are making tremendous impact in a variety of fields, using the leadership skills they built as undergrads. Through conversations, we hope that you will gain insight into some of the work that we do in order to give you a sense of the opportunities that consultants have when joining our firm.  Look forward to meeting you!

McKinsey&Company Student-Athlete Reception
Thursday, September 7th
Murr Lounge
7:00 pm - 8:00pm
**Casual Attire. Snacks and refreshments will be served!

Event Information


12:00PM - 1:00PM Thu 7 Sep 2017 ( Timezone: Eastern )


Murr Lounge
65 North Harvard St
Boston, MA 02163 USA

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Look Who's Coming:

Jeanne Olivier
  Women's Crew
Kristen Hong
  Women's Water Polo
Ben Huffman
  Cross Country
Kevin Coakley
  Harvard Varsity Sailing Team
Jackson Wagner
Theodore Mendez
  Varsity Squash
Danielle Etzel
  Women's Soccer
Kaitlyn Schiffhauer
Michael Farber
Sue Ann Yong
Aakanksha Vora
  Harvard Women's Swimming
Jorma Görns
  Men's Soccer
Miki Dahlke
Andy Zhou
  Varsity Men's Tennis
Irene Wu
  Lightweight Men's Crew
Nolan Hellickson
Jack Stone
  Lightweight Crew
Reed McMurchy
Peter Bearse
  Harvard Wrestling
Joe Viviano
Daniel McCutchen
  Cross Country/ Track and Field
Eric Zhao
Jillian Scyocurka
  Women's Crew
Jonas Nelle
Alexis Milunovich
Connor Schoen
  Harvard Student-Athlete
Ellis Cookson
  Harvard field hockey
Eryk Dobrushkin
  Lightweight Mens Rowing
Nicky Maxwell
  Track and Field
Mackenzi Curtin
  Women's Crew
Aurian Capart
  Men's Golf
Ian Miller
  Harvard Baseball
Saadeldin Abouaish
  Harvard Varsity Squash
Murimi Nyamu
  Track and Field / Cross-Country
Kristina Li
  Women's Swimming and Diving
Saadeldin Abouaish
  Harvard Squash
Saadeldin Abouaish
  Harvard Squash
Bradley Fusco
  Womens Ice Hockey
Jonathan Gill
Candy Janachowski
  Women's Soccer
Arthur Doyle
  Heavyweight Crew
George Haglund
  Men's Fencing
Erwin Cai
  Men's Fencing
Christine Gosioco
Catherine Joyce
  Women's Heavyweight Crew
Dylan Farrell
  Varsity Sailing Team
Anna Zhou
  Women's Golf
Ngozi Musa
  Women's Track and Field
Matthew Branman
Emily Ott
  Field Hockey
Brennan Novak
  Men's Swimming
Philippe Guy
Elizabeth Elmgren
  Women's Crew
Dillon Smith
  Men's Alpine Skiing
Anna Uhr
  Women's Volleyball
Jack Cooper
  men's squash
Nicholas Plaut
  Men's Heavyweight Crew
Cayman Bearly-Malinowski
Andrew Ball
  Men's Tennis
Brooke Istvan
  Women's volleyball
Luis Viceira
  Men's Soccer
Zayne Matulis-Thomajan
  Women's Soccer
Olivia Ostrover
  Field Hockey
Viktor Dombrovskiy
  Ice Hockey
Andy Zhou
  Varsity Men's Tennis
Vincent breet
  Men's Crew
Eric Wang
  Men's Lacrosse
Kathleen Malloch
  Women's Rowing
John MacLean
  Harvard Baseball
Amy Song
Brianna Bolon
  Field Hockey
Garrett Rouser
  Men's Track
Bente van Vlijmen
Alexander Green
Alexander Green
  Men's Heavyweight Crew
Anthony Ridgley
  Harvard Men's Water Polo
Yasmin Siraj
  Team USA figure skating
Nathan Krusko
  Men's Ice Hockey
Elizabeth Kemp
  Women's Crew
Nicholas Karnovsky
Sam Oh
  Men's Cross Country
Luke Morgan-Scott
  Swimming & Diving
Alexander Ladnier
Holly Christensen
Albert Chien
EugenetoiltWS EugenetoiltWS
... a total of 86 guests.
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